Pembrokeshire is very much about ‘The great outdoors’ and whether, or not you live by the sea or visit the seaside you will find plenty to do every time you visit. The granite grey cliffs that define our coastline have stood the test of time, and bear witness to the thousands and thousands of years that they have been carved and shaped by the sea whilst they protect the land from the ravishes of the sea. There can be no greater history lesson than to just become part of it for a short while by taking a walk somewhere along our coast during your stay, and we feel sure you will agree with many that the views are simply breath-taking and the feeling of being involved with such historic landmarks may challenge you to consider how we might have lived one thousand years ago.

Pembrokeshire Activities

For the active amongst you there are miles and miles of walks inland and around the coastal path, which has recently been completed to enable a walk about the entire coast of Wales. In Pembrokeshire, Beaches Diner are lucky to share a part with you, as you walk from the Southern most point upon our border with Carmarthen, to the Northern most point bordering Ceredigion (Cardigan)

For those who want to pursue more active past times; there are many organised opportunities which are safely managed by professionally trained businesses and individuals who you can trust to share their knowledge and experience to ensure your own safety. Many local businesses have been invited to share their links with you from this page.

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For more information about Pembrokeshire and surrounding areas.

For more information about Pembrokeshire and surrounding areas.

For more information about Pembrokeshire and surrounding areas.