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Beaches is a family run restaurant business that caters for all of the family; and we concentrate upon making sure that we present locally supplied quality food, cooked with care, and popular dishes for all ages. We pride ourselves on our friendly, professional staff, a smile and a warm welcome and attentive service. We have our own car parking to the front and side of the diner. Contactless and card payments accepted.

We are Beaches Diner …

Beaches diner was named to embrace foods from around the world and experiences, photographs and the discovery of new foods and tastes, combinations and cooking methods that have been recorded as they were experienced. Questions and discussions with chefs and cooks from many continents have been recalled and we are now beginning to share them with our customers.

The result ~ we enjoy cooking, we can cook, and we enjoy replicating what we learned to share; something new, something different and something for you to enjoy. Since opening in 2009 we have also learned of our local regular customers likes and dislikes and we present a section of our menu in homage to their loyalty with respect as they are our core without whom we could not have developed.

Our Ethos

The world has become a smaller place since flying has become quicker and more affordable to us all and even though Australia may be a twenty four plus hour expedition from the UK it is certainly very achievable today. Beaches diner celebrates the world, the oceans with their many beaches and we have created a picture for your minds. Upon everyone’s favourite beach we have introduced a Barbecue pit alongside an oven and a couple of bits of equipment where you can choose to eat fun foods and enjoy some fun drinks without leaving the beach; and to enable you to continue a relationship with the freedom and best memories of your own favourite beaches with the benefit of a table at Beaches diner.

We try hard to make the experience pleasant upon every visit for every guest, and when time permits; engage them with the environment, service, and offers.





Get Connected

Connect with us through our social media channels for the latest news, updates and photos from the diner. We will also be holding competitions and interaction with our customers on these platforms.