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Porbeagle Shark Spotted

During the summer of 2009 over the road from this diner a porbeagle shark was spotted swimming only ten metres from the shoreline. At almost two metres long and considering the shallow water It was swimming in, it appeared at first glance that the shark had lost its bearing and swam inshore much too far.

The sea trust (over the road in the Ocean Lab) manager advised us that the real reason the shark was so close was due to a pod of bottle nosed dolphins that had chased a huge shoal of mackerel into the harbour entrance and formed the shoal into a tight ball by swimming and turning the shoal in a panic. The porbeagle shark took the opportunity of trying to join the dolphins in the feeding frenzy that followed, but the dolphins were having none of it. The pod of dolphins chased away the freeloading shark, but the shark swam in the wrong direction to escape. It’s true…there is no such thing as a free lunch. #Beachesdineruk #Hitthebeach